We significantly upgraded our fluorocarbon coated tippet lineup for 2021 with ARC Double Agent, an entirely new formula with unmatched strength, abrasion resistance and low visibility. New ARC Double Agent features a 100% fluorocarbon coating over a new, stronger and more powerful nylon core. The result is a unique category of tippet combining the best features of nylon and fluorocarbon in a single product. Thanks to its high-grade fluorocarbon coating, ARC Double Agent maintains almost 100% of its strength in water, unlike conventional nylon tippet that can weaken by 15% when wet. Superior knot strength, a super smooth finish, outstanding abrasion resistance and low visibility profile are other key advantages of new ARC Double Agent over traditional nylon.

Available in sizes 0X to 6X.

40m spools


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Maintains strength in water unlike conventional nylon tippet

Outstanding softness for excellent feel

Controlled low stretch for improved hookset and castability

High abrasion resistance and impact strength

Color coded retainer bands for easy identification

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