ARC Streamer 17


The ARC Streamer 17 is a highly technical yet easy-to-cast line designed to toss big streamers with ease and get them down to the fishing zone quickly and keep them there. The powerful 17-foot, 6-7 inch per second (ips) sinking tip seamlessly transitions?to a floating body for outstanding casting distance, easy mending and fly control. Built around our 6% low-stretch Response Core, the ARC Streamer 17 includes a 100% polyurethane cover mixed with a super-slick, hydrophobic PTFE fluoropolymer for extended life and superior line float.

Available in 200 GR. (6/7wt.), 250 GR (7/8wt.), 300 GR. (8/9wt.)

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17ft., S6 6-7 inch per second (ips) sink tip

Optimized head and body design for outstanding sink performance, casting distance and easy mending

Grooved line profile reduces tangles and friction, producing higher line speeds and longer, more accurate casts

6% low-stretch Response Core for superior line sensitivity and solid hook set

Durable UV, sunscreen and DEET resistant 100% polyurethane cover construction

Permanent PTFE fluoropolymer incorporated into floating line section for added slickness and high line float

Welded front and back loops for easy leader rigging and line change out

Line ID system welded into back loop